What is The Collateral Lender, Inc.?

What is The Collateral Lender, Inc.?

So, what is The Collateral Lender, Inc.? Well, we’re glad you asked! The Collateral Lender is the nation’s oldest and most trusted group of pawnshops. Our company owns and operates many of California’s greatest pawn shops! With 4 stores in the Los Angeles County area and one store in San Francisco, we enjoy helping our customers. We also help our clients get the highest loan to value on their items and find the best deals possible.

Out of our 5 store locations, Maxferd Jewelry and Loan of San Francisco, is actually the oldest, consecutively running pawnshop of the United States! We have been taking care of our customers in the bay area since 1884. The name “Maxferd” comes from the two founders of our original location, Max Harris and Ferdinand Wolfson. We first opened our doors near Market Street following the California Gold Rush. Back then, many people needed to turn their freshly mined gold into cash and we were there to help. As time went on, we became San Francisco’s most trusted pawnshop and wanted to provide our services to people beyond the bay area.

Now, our Collateral Lender family has continued to expand from San Francisco into 4 other locations, Beverly Hills, Woodland Hills, Van Nuys, and Lawndale. Currently, Maxferd Jewelry and Loan in Beverly Hills is our flagship location and we pride ourselves on being the original pawn shop to the stars.

Why should YOU buy, sell or loan with US?

So, now you’re wondering why YOU should do business with US? And, the answer is simple, we provide the best service to our customers with utmost professionalism and privacy. We will match or exceed any loan on any pawn ticket from another pawnshop. This means we want you to get the highest loan to value on your items. Also, when you get a loan with us you can have peace of mind knowing your valuables are secured in our vault at all times.

Aside from our amazing customer service and top-notch loan policies, we only carry the highest quality merchandise in our stores. A famous San Francisco writer, Herb Caen, once said, “Maxferd’s is the Tiffany of pawn shops”. And, we’ve done everything we can to uphold that reputation to this day. So, if you are in the LA or San Francisco areas, please stop by one of our fabulous stores and browse our inventory, you never know what kind of treasures you may find.