Getting a Loan

How to Get a Loan!

Getting a cash loan is easy and fast at Maxferd Jewelry and Loan!

What We Do

Do you need to get a loan? We provide fast, confidential, cash loans on many types of collateral! This includes jewelry, watches and collectables, with the lowest interest rates in the country. This type of loan is the best option for short-term financial aid, as it is simple and secure.

Story Time

To help you get a gist of how to get a loan, we have a story from an individual we’ll call Jennifer who received a loan from us with quick and easy steps!

The Problem

Jennifer was in a rut! She needed to pay her bills but wouldn’t have her paycheck in time. Jennifer needed to act fast. She was struggling to make ends meat until her friend Danny, who visited one of our locations before, encouraged her visit one of our Maxferd family locations to get a collateral backed loan!
The Preparation Process

Jennifer decided to take Danny’s advice. Before Jennifer came, she called our store to get advice on what to bring. We recommended that she look around her home for any jewelry, watches, gold or silver items, but it’s not mandatory. Our team also let Jennifer know that our process for a collateral backed loan is quick and easy with no credit checks or low interest rates. Jennifer was ecstatic that she could get her loan within MINUTES!

Jennifer looked around her home and decided to bring her old diamond ring and her fancy white gold necklace that she was willing to give up. She then headed to one of our Maxferd family locations for a chance to get a loan.

The Loan Process

She gave one of our team members her desired loan estimate. After taking a look at Jennifer’s item, our team at Maxferd’s proposed a quote for the collateral loan for Jennifer to take home. We gave Jennifer some time to decide on her quote. (Some quotes will be good for several days to weeks and sometimes even months. On few occasions, due to changes in market conditions the quote may be honorable for a limited time.)

Jennifer was happy with the proposed quote by one of our representative’s at Maxferd’s. She decided to accept get a loan from our store. Jennifer gave us her identification (driver’s license, ID card, or passport issued by the United States or Canada) for our records, and received a contract for her loan written in minutes!

Our team reviewed the contract with Jennifer and Jennifer signed and sealed with her thumbprint! We assured her of our policies at Maxferd that all information given to us is kept strictly confidential. The diamond ring and white gold necklace Jennifer brought in was sealed away in our secure facility for collateral until she is ready to collect her assets.

Jennifer walked out happily with her envelope full of cash! Now, Jennifer has all the money she needs to pay for her bills, and maybe even some more money left over! All from the help of our team at Maxferd’s!

Get your collateral loan today with just few steps to receive your loan in MINUTES!