What’s the Deal with Diamonds?


What’s the Deal with Diamonds?

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Diamonds Are Forever

For as long as we can remember, diamonds have been a symbol of status, wealth and luxury. Due to their rarity and mesmerizing shine, diamonds have been revered for decades. From necklaces to watches and all other jewelry pieces in between, individuals can be seen wearing diamonds to dazzle those around them. So, how did diamonds become such a hot commodity?

The History of the Diamond

For the most part, the most famous use of a diamond is in an engagement ring. Diamonds are the most common stones used in engagement rings. The first known record of a diamond being given as an engagement ring was in Europe in 1477, when the Archduke Maximilian of Austria commissioned the world’s first diamond engagement ring for his dearly beloved, Mary of Burgundy (source: American Gem Society).

The next major change in the diamond industry did not come until after the Great Depression. As people began to get back on their feet after the Depression, it seemed like a good time to start marketing diamonds again. So in 1947, De Beers launched its slogan, “a diamond is forever,” which has had a  lasting impact on the diamond industry to this day. Due to the serious association between diamonds and the commitment of marriage, when De Beers said that diamonds were forever, Americans subconsciously took that phrase as synonymous with the idea that marriage is forever.

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