What is a “Cash For Your Gold” program?

Did you know that selling old pieces of jewelry and scrap gold can provide you with instant cash? Since the price of gold continues to increase, this program will give you a good value for your belongings. You can even choose to pawn your gold to get quick and easy money. The items are appraised and the offer is made based on the present market value of the metal. We appraise all items of gold or platinum and we even pay for broken or old items.

What should you know about our program?

We understand that it is difficult to part with jewelry during trying times, but it is one of the best ways to get money without having to pay interest and scraping to pay off the loan amount. Rest assured that we don’t take advantage of this situation or make enormous profits by misleading you about the amount of money your gold is worth. We stand for:


We pride ourselves on integrity, honesty, trustworthiness and dependability. To reassure customers, we provide a detailed explanation of how we operate, so that the process is crystal clear in your mind. We also offer a guarantee and we promise & deliver the best of services.


As mentioned above, we don’t want you to have any doubts about us, which is why clear, detailed instructions about both pawning and selling will be given to you. Bring us your gold, we will appraise them, and offer a no-obligations estimate after you study the appraisal report. We welcome reasonable negotiation, but in any case, the choice of accepting or rejecting the offer depends on you.

Time Frame

When selling your gold, cash is given on the spot. If you have chosen to pawn/loan on your gold instead of selling it, cash is also given on the spot, with the difference being your gold will only be held on your behalf in our state of the art vault until you come back to retrieve your items. Your convenience is our top priority and we pride ourselves on good honest transparent transactions. Loans on jewelry and gold have a 4 month and 10 day term and can always be renewed if need be. Your items can be picked up at anytime by stopping in the store, presenting your ID and loan ticket and repaying the loan at the current redemption amount. It’s similar to a safe deposit box except we have helped you in a time of need..


We operate online as well as in brick-and-mortar stores. We understand that some of you might feel more comfortable in face-to-face communication, which is why we have opened stores in multiple locations. Feel free to drop in any time. If we don’t have a facility where you live, please give us a call or drop off an email.

Customer support

It is natural to have questions and queries regarding the process because it concerns one of your most valuable assets. Our representatives will be happy to clarify doubts and answer questions regarding our “cash for your gold” offer.