Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Pawn?
A pawn is a way to borrow cash immediate by using items you already own as Collateral. You have 4 month and 10 days (8 month and 20 days on most jewelry pawns) to reclaim your item or renew.
The difference between selling your item or pawning your item is:

Pawn: You own the item and can get it back (redeem) when you pay back the loan plus the charges.
the option to buy the item back.

Sell: You sell your item giving all rights of ownership to the buyer without the option to buy
the item back.
What is the minimum and maximum amount of money I can borrow?
We can offer you between $5.00 to $1 million. We review each item individually and will let you know the value.
What is the Interest Rate for my loan?
Currently interest rates are set by The State of California for all loans under $2500 and that rate averages to apx 3% per month with a processing fee that ranges from $5-$30 depending on the loan amount. If you have any questions regarding the exact amount you will pay back we are happy to help. Our software is updated regularly to reflect the current rates set by the State of California. Just give us a call and we can go over the exact details of any loan you may need. But don’t forget we also give a promotional rate of 0-1% for first time customers.
Again, give us a call to discuss the details. For loans above the $2500 threshold rates are negotiable and range anywhere from 3-7% per month. These loans are sometimes eligible for the promotional rate mentioned above so don't hesitate to call to get the most up to date
Broken jewelry
Fine watches
Precious metals & coins
Loose diamonds & precious gemstones
High end DLSR cameras & equipment
Apple Products
Lap tops and computers
Musical instruments
Certain collectibles Lalique, Lladro& certified art
Luxury handbags
Cars, Boats, Rv, Airplanes.
You have 4 month and 10 days (8 month and 20 days on most jewelry pawns) to reclaim your item, or you can also renew your loan by simply paying the interest due to extend the loan for an additional loan period. We will always try to help in anyway we can.
No, no monthly payments. If you pawn an item with us, the amount is due when you redeem your loan. You can utilize the whole term or redeem before the end of the the term No prepayment penalties.
You will loose the item, 87% of our customers reclaim their pawned items. Since we hate selling items of sentimental value, our financial department is always willing to work with you for some more time.
We do not report people to credit agencies.
Yes, we lend on the value of your item.
Your item is stored in a secure vault for the entire duration of its loan period. Our vault is located in our stores the loan is bar-coded and stored in a vault accessible only via bio-metrics security.
Yes, visit our show rooms and you will find amazing deals!!!!
Also check our web site for promotions.