Lock down that luxury item, that one-of-a-kind piece; that gift for you or a loved one and pay it off with leisure and no interest or additional charges when you put it on layaway. You decide when to pay it off. Put an item away for the holidays, birthday or other special event. Better than buying on credit, there is no finance charge and no extra fees whatsoever!
Feel free to shop in our store, when you find an amazing item in extensive collection, but don’t have the funds to take it home today. That’s okay! Put it on layaway. Find an incredible gift for someone, but you don’t need it immediately. No problem!, put it on layaway! Break the payments up into monthly installments, with no extra expense! Maxferd layaway program is an easy and affordable option when it comes to purchasing luxury goods. Do your share of shopping with or without credit, and don’t worry about paying any interest or added fees- opt for Maxferd’s layaway program.
Simple and affordable: 20% DOWN PAYMENT, 20% PER MONTH, 5 MONTHS TOTAL, NO INTEREST, NO FINANCE CHARGES. Just pay a minimum of 20% at least every 30 days.

What is layaway?

Layaway is an installment payment option that allows you to make payments for your purchase over time. While in layaway the special item will remain secure in our vault, away from the public eye. There are 4 basic steps:
  1. Come visit our store location in person to choose the special item(s) that you wish to purchase.
  2. Pay 20% of the total sales amount as a down payment.
  3. Remember to come visit at least once each month to make your payment. You can always pay more than 20%, and pick your item up early. Your convenience is important to us and we try to be flexible. If you are running late in your monthly payment just remember to stay in touch and keep us informed of your needs we will work to accommodate you.
  4. When the total amount is paid in full, you can pick up the item(s) you purchased and take it home.

Benefits of Layaway

Interest-Free Buying
With Maxferd, layaway means no fees to pay, and no interest charged. Think about it – with absolutely no fees, layaway will cost far less than charging your holiday purchases to a credit card. For example, if you buy an item during the holiday season by charging $900 to a credit card at 18% interest, you will have to pay one month’s interest, equaling $162, even if you manage to pay off the total in February! That savings is money in your pocket!
Get High-Demand Items Easily
Layaway is especially useful when you have to buy gifts during the holiday season- as great items usually sell out fast. Putting a valuable item on layaway means you can easily purchase it during the busiest times of the year.
More Options When it Comes to Buying
When you consider your Maxferd layaway option, it is a perfect alternative to using a credit card to pay for purchases in full. Even if you don’t have a credit card, you can pay for purchases over time with the help of layaway.
Easy Acceptance Criteria
Our layaway program does not require income or credit check before approval. The process for qualifying is simple – just submit proof of identification that shows you are minimum 18 years of age, along with your 20% down payment. Our acceptance policy is easy, even people with low credit ratings can opt for layaway purchase.


A maximum of 3 items will be allowed to be placed on active layaway per customer at any given time.
All layaway sales are final. Absolutely no refunds or exchanges.
Items sold are in used “as is” condition, unless otherwise indicated.
Layaways require a minimum 20% down payment and a minimum monthly payment of 20% of the sales price.
Layaways must be paid in full within five months.
If a layaway is delinquent or forfeit, 20% of the sales price will be applied to a restocking fee and the balance of payments must be applied to a new purchase only.
We are just a click away – please contact us for any questions.