At Maxferd we provide fast, confidential, cash loans on many types of collateral, including jewelry, watches and collectables, with the lowest interest rates in the country. Frequently this type of loan is the best option for short-term financial aid, as it is simple and secure.

WHO Uses Our loan service?

Many prosperous individuals confront financial dilemmas and need fast cash. We are here to help you through this extremely stressful times: To secure a business deal, make payroll, help your family, and pay due bills. Our clients are successful real estate agents waiting for escrow to close, entertainers and entrepreneurs who are waiting for checks to clear, they are doctors and lawyers who need a little extra cash and don’t want their credit rating to drop. We have provided services for numerous high profile individuals including, actors, artists, musicians, and professional athletes. We have a great reputation in the community and always keep your business matters, and identity completely private and confidential.
Whatever your reason may be, if you apply for a loan through us, the process is speedy and streamlined, not tedious and time consuming as other loan approvals can be. Applying for a bank loan might be an option, but there are various requirements and conditions to be met before you get the money. For example, if you have a poor credit rating, you might not get the loan. Another problem is the interest rate that you have to pay. Banks and other companies sometimes charge a very high rate of interest. If you add that to the loan amount, it adds up to a hefty sum, which you have to pay up later. This is where we come in and offer you an equally safe and very feasible option – collateral loan.

What are the benefits of a collateral loan at Maxferd jewelry?

  • ♦ Easy money- For you to borrow when you need it most: To secure your business deal, pay your bills, help your family during that crucial moment in time, or whatever the situation may be we are here to help you get the funds- from $50 to $500,000 in just minutes! The availability of cash is immediate, and if you prefer other forms of payout arrangements may be made.
  • ♦ Quick Process- While other types of loans require appointments, filling out numerous documents and waiting for too long, our collateral loans are easy with few parameters necessary. Simply bring your valid identification along with your collateral and a contract will be drafted. In minutes you will receive cash in hand.
  • ♦ No Credit Check – No Credit Reporting. If you are going to lenders it is a guarantee your credit score will be reviewed. When you come to us for a collateral loan there is no such requirement. Even with poor credit, or no credit you can borrow thousands in minutes.
  • ♦ Low Interest Rates – Flexibility: We offer the lowest rates in the business including a promotion for first time customers that includes a 0% and 1% interest loan. We also offer automatic “rollovers” for most of our loans. When it comes to the payback period we offer you significantly more time than many other types of loans. Our loans are extendable and most are held for over eight months without payment. We will always be as flexible as possible, so don’t hesitate to communicate your needs and we will do our best to help.
  • ♦ Maxferd Jewelry and Loan San Francisco offers loans which adhere strictly to the California Financial code. This means our loan periods and interest rates are strictly regulated by the State of California so you will never be overcharged. We offer a 4 month loan on all items which can be renewed at any time to extent your loan with us. We go even further with Jewelry Loans under $2500 by offering our customers the option to “Rollover” the loan at the end of the 4 month period without paying any interest or principal payments for an additional 4 months, therefore giving our customers up to 8 months with no payments. Currently interest rates are set by The State of California for all loans under $2500 and that rate averages to apx 3% per month on almost all loans with a processing fee that ranges from $5-$30 depending on the loan amount. If you have any questions regarding the exact amount you will pay back we are happy to help. Just give us a call and we can go over the exact details of any loan you may need. But don’t forget we also give a promotion rate of 0-1% for first time customers. Again, gives a call to discuss the details.

How does it work?

Steps to get cash now:
  1. Find your Collateral – Jewelry or other valuables to secure the loan i.e. “pawn” – call us if you have any questions on this.
  2. Come in for a quick in-person evaluation of your goods made by one of our experienced and trained professionals.
  3. Our representative will give you a verbal over the counter quote in minutes. (It’s always nice if you have a certain amount in mind that you can ask for, but it’s not a necessity).
  4. You can decide to take the loan offered, or you can take time to consider the proposal. This is a no pressure environment, we want you to feel secure and sure of any decision in regards to a collateral loan. In most cases the quote will be good for several days to weeks and sometimes even months. (On few occasions, due to changes in market conditions the quote may be honorable for a limited time).
  5. To write the loan our representative will need to take your current and valid identification, i.e. driver’s license, ID card, or passport issued by the United States or Canada. Call to ask about other acceptable forms of ID.
  6. The information will be entered into our state of the art secure system along with a detailed description of your valuables. All information is kept strictly confidential.
  7. The loan will be written in minutes and the contract printed. You will then review the contract with a representative, sign it and seal it with your thumbprint. Your item(s) will be sealed and you will receive the cash.

Why us?

Maxferd has the Reputation You Can Trust. We have been in business since 1884 and are widely known an institution of confidence. At Maxferd we are devoted to our clients, providing dedication to excellence, courteous service, fair dollar amount for your valuables, complete confidentiality, and always with your best interests in mind! We know how important your valuables are, whether family heirloom treasures or newly purchased luxuries, we want you to feel comfortable here at our neighborhood store. We will carefully evaluate your items and offer you a loan based on the item’s real resale value. You can rest assured that your valuables are vigilantly stored, protected and secured in a high security, state-of-the-art vault on our grounds complete with armed guard and 24-hour video surveillance.
Feel free to give us a call or drop in to our offices – our representatives are happy to provide you with more details about how we operate.